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The ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at ASU, ASU Library, and ASU Destination West invite the entire ASU community to participate in a citizen science project to help ASU scientists document flowering plants and pollinators on ASU’s Phoenix-area campuses.Anytime in April, start collecting and sharing data following the instructions, below. Optional: Before March 19, sign up for a free (optional) citizen science kit with helpful and fun resources. Find details on the left side of this page.    Register for SciStarter on this page, using your ASU email address (case sensitive). Let’s do this! Anytime after April 1, join the projects below to start documenting all the pollinators and plants you see around the ASU campuses or anywhere in AZ. If you aren’t in AZ in April, no worries! Participate in Stall Catchers and play an online game to help accelerate research about Alzheimers.