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= 0">Congratulations on completing the Foundations of Citizen Science module and claiming your badge! You are now eligible to proceed to this self-guided training module and badge! Before starting this module, you’ll need to complete the prerequisite Foundations of Citizen Science training module and badge. If you have already completed the Foundations of Citizen Science training module, you may need to log in to SciStarter before proceeding. Estimated completion time: 1 hour By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to: 1. Recognize why engaging the public in citizen science is a critical component of library lifelong learning efforts. 2. Identify the benefits of turning your library into a community hub for citizen science. 3. Identify strategies and tools for selecting and aligning the right citizen science programs with the interests or concerns of your community. 4. Identify resources (including health and medical resources) that will help you introduce, supplement, support, and facilitate awareness of and engagement in citizen science at your library.  5. Identify resources and strategies that will help you train staff to recruit and sustain patron engagement in citizen science. You will practice or acquire the following skills which are part of an “open skills taxonomy”: evidence-based practice, library and information services, library services, communications, information literacy, interdisciplinary teaching, library instruction, lifelong learning, teaching and training and development.  Complete this self-guided tutorial and quiz. Score an 80% or higher to unlock your badge and surveys required for Professional Development credits. The module opens in a new tab so be sure to come back to this page to claim your badge and access the surveys. = 0">