Here, you can learn more about Citizen Science Kits available through many libraries across the country! A Citizen Science Kit is a small box that contains everything you need for a specific citizen science project.  Citizen science is a way for regular people to participate in real science that needs our help! Scientists and community members post their research questions on SciStarter and include step-by-step instructions on how volunteers can add or analyze data to crowdsource the research. (Remember: nobody knows everything but everyone knows something—that’s the power of citizen science! We all have something to add to help accelerate important research.) Some projects require the use of specialized but easy-to-use instruments like sensors to measure local pollution levels or clip-on lenses to take close-up pictures of insects near you. That’s why SciStarter and Arizona State University partnered up with libraries across the country, the Institute for Museum and Library Services, the Moore Foundation, and the National Library of Medicine to offer Citizen Science Kits with everything you need to get started. Each kit includes a printed activity guide, helpful tips, and any specialized tools or materials you need to complete the select projects, below. First, check to see if your local library is offering any or all of the kits listed below.   If so: go to your library and check out a kit! Detailed instructions are in the kit. If not: you can still participate in the projects on this page or any of the thousands of projects using the Project Finder on SciStarter. You can encourage your library to visit to 1) join the Citizen and Community Science Library Network and 2) find free resources easily bring these kits and related programs to your library!