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«NASA Thank you for joining us at CitSciCon 2021! Participation in this event will connect you with citizen science enthusiasts, volunteers, and practitioners from all around the world. We encourage you to engage in the Q&A , chat, and live polls all designed in a spirit of shared values of inclusion and respect for others. This Code of Conduct asks all attendees and participants to interact with these values.  As an attendee, we hope you will: Honor and celebrate the different perspectives we all bring to citizen science Be kind - there’s a human behind every Zoom square  Share the mic - help us make sure that everyone has the opportunity to share ideas and ask questions Although we are confident in the respectful nature of this community, we would like to establish that the following will result in immediate expulsion from the event and may result in us reporting behavior to authorities:  Hate speech, harassment, discrimination, abusive behavior, insults, intimidation, or threats Sexually explicit language or material  Intentional violations of privacy or intellectual property Disregard for rules and instructions of session facilitators or moderators Illegal or criminal behavior We also ask that you: Not share screenshots from the Zoom events  Email if you notice bad behavior Let’s just have fun learning about and doing citizen science together!