SciQuest is a NSF-funded citizen science project and the only project focused on your journey in citizen science. Learn about your participation style, such as whether you are a grazer, a specialist, a hatchling or a super-user by taking playful quizzes and engaging questionnaires every few months. Plus you'll get to chart your attitudes and opinions about topics like science and the environment over time. After you enroll through the Journey Prep module in SciQuest, you’ll receive a notification every few months when a new journey module begins. As you explore the amazing world of science, let SciQuest be your companion project to help you explore your growth as a citizen scientist. You can start SciQuest today whether you're brand-new to citizen science or a seasoned volunteer. Create a SciStarter account, if you haven't already done so. New to SciQuest? Start with the JOURNEY PREP MODULE.