SciQuest is a citizen science project that focuses on better understanding your journey as a citizen scientist. Learn about your participation style, such as whether you are a grazer, a specialist, a hatchling or a super-user by taking playful quizzes and engaging questionnaires. Each new quiz module will ask questions focused on a specific theme like the environment or your confidence in understanding science. As you complete more modules, you'll build up your SciQuest profile and help us better understand who you are as a citizen scientist. And you might even learn something about yourself in the process!Your contributions to SciQuest power new breakthroughs in our understanding of citizen science. We'll update you with what we're learning along the way too! Anyone can participate in SciQuest, whether you're brand-new to citizen science or a seasoned volunteer. So what are you waiting for? Join SciQuest today!  Sign in to your SciStarter account if you haven't already done so.New to SciQuest? Start with the JOURNEY PREP MODULE.