Benefits to VolunteersWhether you’re a retiree,  a school student, or anyone in between, SciStarter connects you to thousands of projects in need of your help. Use the Advanced Search option on the Project Finder to filter your search for a project by 1) the subject you’re interested in working on, for example birds, astronomy, plants, space, 2) your location, 3) the type of desired interaction, online or face-to-face, 4) the level of commitment needed, and 5) age relevance of the topic. When you create a free SciStarter account, you can track your contributions to projects on your account dashboard, receive customised project and event recommendations, and connect to the thousands of other citizen scientists in our community to answer questions, share experiences, and more. And if you’ve enjoyed participating in a project, why not take your citizen science journey further and take one of our recommended online training courses (below) covering a range of topics including, how to set up a citizen science project; how to engage, manage and care for volunteers; how to use social media for promoting citizen science projects. So sign up now and improve your knowledge on a range of environmental topics, while helping scientists develop new approaches and expedite scientific discoveries!