Contribute to Science 

Participate in citizen science projects that allow you to turn your curiosity into impact.

 Gain Experience

  • Connect with project scientists at renowned institutions.
  • Acquire research experience to add to your resume and college applications.
  • Gain experience to better position yourself for internships and jobs in high school or college.
  • Work with other citizen scientists throughout the world.

How to Earn a Certificate to Display on LinkedIn

  • Spend 15 hours this summer on one of the projects to receive a WSA Citizen Science Project Certificate. 
  • Spend 20 hours or more on one project or 10 hours on two projects to receive a Master Certificate.
  • SciStarter will track the number and frequency of your contributions to these projects. 


Create a SciStarter account via the sign-up/in block on this page.

Complete the SciStarter tutorial below (30 minutes).

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