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This capstone event of the CitSci2017 Conference brings together project leaders and the public to celebrate citizen science, in a mix of festival, exhibit hall, Café Scientifique, and multimedia extravaganza. The evening’s featured event is a screening of The Crowd & The Cloud, a 4-part public television series exploring the new frontier of citizen science in the age of mobile technology, with a lively discussion featuring series host and former NASA Chief Scientist, Waleed Abdalati and the Executive Producer, Geoffrey Hanies-Stiles. Watch the series trailer to get a sense of the power of this media moment! Before the screening, attendees can grab a drink and jump into a festival-style mixer of project opportunities. Over 70 citizen science project leaders will be on hand to share their activities and resources–up close and personal–with Twin Cities residents: educators, librarians, parents, and anyone else wondering how to get started with citizen science. We can all but guarantee that attendees will walk away with 5 projects they are itching to join, get their students involved in, or tell their friends about. Whether you’re curious about citizen science and wondering how to get started, or already deeply involved in a project, this this behind-the-scenes, all-access evening is for you!