Monitoring and sensing equipment captures information on air quality, pollen and temperature. At the same time, you can log symptoms of asthma, allergy and hay fever, or any other symptoms of your choosing. AirRater can help you work out what environmental conditions trigger your symptoms, and then generate alerts when these triggers are elevated. TRACK YOUR SYMPTOMS AirRater allows you to track symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes or shortness of breath. These symptoms are often the result of exposure to something in the air, like smoke or pollen. Over time, Airrater will build up a picture of when and where you get these symptoms. MONITOR YOUR ENVIRONMENT Get up-to-date information about air quality, including smoke, pollen and temperature, everywhere the AirRater app is available. If you want to see these values for other locations, just click that point on the map. HELP MANAGE YOUR HEALTH Over time, AirRater will help you work out if you are sensitive to air pollution, pollen or temperature and if certain conditions can trigger your symptoms. Once AirRater has worked out your triggers, it will send you a notification when those conditions are present in your location.