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AirVisual Pro displays immediate, accurate air quality data both indoors and out, to help you create healthier, more productive environments. Instantly see invisible threats in the air, understand where they come from and take control with the Pro’s tailored recommendations and alerts, and IFTTT (If This, Then That) smart home integration. Professional grade sensors Not all sensors are created equal - and where health is concerned, precision matters. The Pro combines cutting-edge laser technology, airflow control, and a crafted calibration algorithm to achieve the most accurate data available on a consumer device. Know your air, indoors and out Compare indoor ratings from the AirVisual Pro’s sensor with outdoor ratings taken from your nearest monitoring station* to discover sources of pollution and ensure you are always breathing clean air - indoors and out. Air quality & weather forecast Be proactive in avoiding harmful outdoor air pollution. AirVisual uses in-house data and machine learning to forecast air quality in 10,000+ locations worldwide*, helping you stay prepared and plan your activities for the healthiest times. Alerts & Smart home integration (IFTTT) Link your AirVisual Pro to all your connected home technology, or set up alerts about air quality changes for your smartphone, to take immediate action when air quality exceeds your standards. On-the-go measurements Take measurements anywhere you go - using the Pro’s internal battery and data storage. Then, download your data wirelessly - or access it through the AirVisual’s website dashboard or #1 rated air pollution app for analysis. Be an outdoor data contributor Many places around the world still lack local air quality data. By placing your AirVisual Pro outdoors and designating it as a public outdoor station, you become a data source - providing neighbours, researchers, and policy advocates valuable information about your local community.