The ALA is developing a hosted capability for people running citizen science projects to build their own surveys to record and collect data for their particular projects. Project owners will have full control over what data is collected as well as many other aspects of their "project site". This test project is an example of features available to projects hosted in the BioCollect system. Announcement Hooray!! ... The Atlas of Living Australia is thrilled to announce that the first public release of our new 'BioCollect' tool is scheduled to happen at last. We know that you have been very patiently waiting for it and so, all going well, BioCollect will be going live for citizen science projects on Tuesday 8th December. And this is just the beginning as we will continue to enhance it and add mobile app support for projects too! If you are either currently running a citizen science project or are planning to run one, you will soon be able to add it to the project finder so that public 'would-be' participants can easily find it, learn a bit about the project and get involved. We have already added some projects, so search and see if your project is already in the project finder before adding it. If you already have your data recording needs sorted out, then simply add your project to the project finder. If you need data capture support for your project, then select that option when you are adding your project to the project finder and ... PRESTO!, you will have your own project database hosted by the ALA. Please contact if you have any questions. We are really excited to have your support in making the BioCollect tool an outstanding success!