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Join us for a super fun and FREE half-day citizen science BioBlitz at the Albany Bulb in Albany, CA. Get ready to enjoy being a community and citizen scientist by observing and photo-documenting what's living at this cool haven for shorebirds and many other species that once was a landfill. (Here's where you can investigate some of the species we've already seen there - already over 400 species - double the number documented at this time last year) A BioBlitz is an event that focuses on finding and identifying as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time. This event is the first in our project doing bi-mobnthlyBioBlitz at the Albany Bulb for a year. We'd like to establish a baseline for what is living in this wild and woolly former dump. (You can join our mailing list to stay apprised of future bioblitzes.) This event is part of the City Nature Challenge, an annual competition between cities globally to log the most observations as the most species. Let's hold onto our Bay Area winning streak! Bring your smartphone or another camera, sunblock, water to stay hydrated, snacks, your kids, and prepare for maximum wonderment. We'll be uploading photos to Feel free to familiarize yourself beforehand. We will also do a short orientation to iNat in the first 15 minutes at 10 am. We'll gather again between 12:30 to 1pm to compare shots and have an iNat load-your-photos party. Our observations will be added to the iNat project, The Albany Bulb. Learn more about this project on Wholly H2O's project page for The WaterHood. While this is a free event, we gladly accept donations to cover the costs of this year-long project. Many thanks to our growing list of Partners! Academy of Sciences Citizen Science The City of Albany Sustainability Office Albany Landfill Dog Owners Group (Aldog) Love the Bulb The Watershed Project