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Wherever you are – anywhere in the world – contribute to science by taking a photo of a blank white piece of paper! Photos are needed on the following dates: September 17 and 18, 2011 September 23, 2011 November 6, 2011 December 12, 2011 February 4, 2012 March 20, 2012 May 5, 2012 June 20, 2012 August 6, 2012 September 22, 2012 November 5, 2012 Your photo will used to measure how much of the sun’s energy is reflected back from the Earth -- our planet's "albedo." It's one way scientists can monitor how much energy – and heat – is being absorbed by our planet. By contributing to the Albedo Project, you will be providing data that can be used to examine the similarities and differences of reflectivity around the world. Should grassy surfaces have the same value in Brazil as in Norway? How does clay soil in the southeastern USA differ from sandy desert in the southwestern USA? Is there any difference in urban “hot spots” that can be attributed to latitude? Individuals, schools, small and large groups can all use these data to help inform activities that are appropriate and effective for their communities. Whether it is maintaining the health of parks and green spaces, or legislating green building codes, there is something each can do. It is the hope of this project to present some of the actions taken, as well as follow their albedo records over time.