The Stall Catchers project is designed by researchers at Cornell University to advance Alzheimer’s solutions. This project focuses on one aspect of the disease: reduced blood flow in the brain. Learn more about Stall Catchers before the event: You can help by playing a simple game: view short videos from the brains of mice and “catch” stalls. We will teach you how to score blood vessels as “flowing” or “stalled." Even the most powerful computer technologies can’t do this accurately enough yet, but your keen eyes can help us process decades worth of data. Meet Dr. Pietro Michelucci, Stall Catchers Project Lead, on August 17 during a live virtual event. Allison Antrim of Olathe Public Library will be joining to ask about how Dr. Michelucci became a scientist and his career path, as well as his research for the Stall Catchers project. Join us on Zoom and submit your own questions on the Q&A/Chat features during the event. This event is supported by Olathe Public Library, the Network of the National of Libraries of Medicine, All of Us, and SciStarter.