Calling people and organizations from around the world! Join us online for the Stall Catchers Citizen Science Month kick off, with the International Catchathon! Alzheimer’s disease affects nearly 50 million people worldwide, and there is no known cure or treatment. Researchers are investigating connections between reduced blood flow in the brain and Alzheimer’s. Stall Catchers, created by the Human Computation Institute with Cornell University and UC Berkeley, is an online citizen science game designed to speed up Alzheimer’s disease research. Stall Catchers was designed to help comprehensively examine the abundance of data that researchers have gathered. The project invites the global citizen science community to play games online in an effort to gamify the analysis of data. Even though you can participate in Stall Catchers anytime, join us for a special one-week long event where you can get your friends, family, and community on a team to participate in a fun, friendly competition to see who can classify the most data and do the most science. We'll explain how it works during the kick-off webinar (Register here:, but teams can meet virtually (either synchronously or asynchronously) or in-person to participate throughout the entire week. We ask that you join us for this kick-off (, get your team to participate during the event week (you could plan your own event! Add it to SciStarter if you do:, and then join us for the final hour Zoom hangout (register here: to reveal the results and see what we accomplished together. Learn more about Stall Catchers: Learn how to make a team here: Register as a team captain: Register for the kick-off: