The Founding Fathers envisioned what is now called Citizen Science: when everyday people volunteer to record and share local observations or analyze data to help scientists answer questions they can't answer alone.  As a citizen scientist, Thomas Jefferson (and later, his recruits including Lewis and Clark) documented biodiversity and changes in seasons. Benjamin Franklin recorded and shared daily weather patterns which aided martime transits.  Today, millions of citizen scientists (people just like you!), are turning their curiosity into impact by sharing observations and analyzing data in collaboration with scientists around the world.   Here's your chance to continue the legacy of the Founding Fathers by becoming a Citizen Scientist!This page features a self-guided, online "Introduction to Citizen Science" module and select thematic projects to help you get started. Find thousands of additional projects using the SciStarter Project Finder.[not-logged-in][login-link]Click on a project below to find step-by-step instructions. 
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