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This workshop is about exploring a web-based tool (“analytics workbench”) that can be used to collect information about citizen science projects. It is based on current work in the European CS Track project, which seeks to increase the knowledge on CS using web-based analytics (computational analyses based on projects’ manifestations on the web and social media) and questionnaires, combined in a multi-perspective analysis. The “analytics workbench” can be used by the participants of the workshop to explore the landscape of online citizen science projects and to analyse projects with methods of text mining/analytics and social network analysis. Who is it aimed at? Researchers, Institutions, Policy makers, CS Project leaders, anyone who is interested in exploring the Citizen Science landscape What will you learn? Learn about the potential of text analytics and social network analytics to generate insights about citizen science projects. Acquire knowledge about tools for facilitating the proposed methods and analytical approaches. Workshop leaders Workshop leaders Sven Manske, Cleo Schulten, H. Ulrich Hoppe, RIAS, Germany Places on this workshop are limited so register now to be sure of your place!