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On Nov. 15th, ANGARI Foundation and their partners will commence the 10th experiment in their long-term #LagoonDrift Card Study. This citizen science study examines the motion of marine debris in and around the Lake Worth Lagoon region and is an extension of the #BayDrift study from CARTHE at the University of Miami. The experiment includes the release of small eco-friendly wooden drift cards from sites around the Lake Worth Lagoon and Intracoastal Waterway. The cards float on the water's surface and are carried by currents. This is where you come in! The study relies on community members finding, keeping and reporting the drift cards and their locations to us. We encourage you to take to the coast, explore your natural surroundings and keep a lookout for our bright yellow wooden drift cards in the weeks after their release. When safe to do so, please also pick up and properly dispose of any debris you find along the way. IF YOU FIND A DRIFT CARD, PLEASE KEEP IT AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE CARD TO REPORT THE LOCATION, DATE AND TIME FOUND WITH A PHOTO OF THE CARD (bonus points for selfies!). For more info, visit: