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Are you ready to start monitoring air quality? Great! Here we provide a crash course dig into the basics of air quality, atmospheric composition, the Air Quality Index, and air pollution's impact on health. Join Calvin Cupini, the Citizen Science Program Manager of Clean Air Carolina, for the first of a multi-part introduction to air quality and citizen science. Citizen science data (data collected by regular people volunteering their time) is extremely valuable, allowing us to go far beyond broad institutional inferences about local air quality. The field is evolving rapidly. No matter where the technology goes, there will always be people who must interact with it, who decide what to do with it, and who are impacted by it. That’s why I always say that the most important part of crowdsourcing data is the crowd. Now is the time to find a project that you can take part in and join the movement! Join this webinar to learn how you can get started.