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The Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) is originally from Asia. It was introduced to the United States decades ago and every year the tiger mosquitoes move farther north. The tiger mosquito is aggressive and bites people throughout the day. Besides being a huge nuisance, they are capable of spreading a number of disease causing agents (such as viruses and dog heartworm) that can make humans and pets sick. Having more information about the mosquito's location will help us focus research efforts to prevent the spread of diseases. Our goal is to figure out how far north the tiger msoquito has moved and we need your help! Can you assist us finding the tiger mosquito in your region? Your participation should be fun and educational! It would involve making a mosquito egg trap out of household supplies and recyclables and reporting back to us if you catch a tiger mosquito. Along the way you'll learn about the risks these mosquitoes pose to human health and how you can prevent them from infesting your community.