Help ASU scientists better predict how the distribution of plants and animals will change in response to the global climate crisis. Bioblitzes are typically designed to catalog as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time. These events often result in thousands of observations resulting in the identifications of hundreds of species, many of which were previously unknown to the scientific community. The ASU West Global BioBlitz, however, is unique in that the focus of this biological survey includes all of Earth's biomes. The scale of this project is simply too large for a team of researchers to conduct all of the biological inventories, which is why researchers need help from citizen scientists! Simply take photographs of living organisms around your home, local park, favorite place to hike, or anywhere you go and upload to the iNaturalist project. With the global impact of Arizona State University, we hope these observations will lead to new discoveries around the world. Make your contribution today!