This is an annual bird count that takes place in late October each year. Visit the website to check the dates for this year's count. Celebrate National Bird Week each year by taking part in the biggest citizen science project to hit Aussie shores! Join thousands of people from across the country who are heading out into their backyards, local parks or favourite open spaces to take part in the annual AUSSIE BACKYARD BIRD COUNT! The Aussie Backyard Bird Count only takes place once a year, however, BirdLife Australia runs various other surveys throughout the year that you can take part in. Birds In Backyards runs seasonal surveys that you can join in with, even if you’re not an expert bird-watcher, and there’s lots of info on how to attract more birds to your backyard! Check it out here: . You can also register with our Birdata app if you want to take part in more regular bird surveys: