Mapping Australia's elms Most Australians take for granted the magnificent trees of our Cities, parks and gardens, yet many do not realise that there are very few places left where people can enjoy the pleasure of strolling down a historic avenue of mature elm trees. Dutch Elm Disease has greatly reduced the elms of Europe and the USA, and has reached New Zealand. There is no Dutch Elm Disease in Australia, however we do have Elm Leaf Beetle (ELB). The Australian Elm Tree Project was initiated by a group of far-sighted tree-lovers dedicated to raising community awareness of the threats to Australia’s elms, and assisting individuals and local councils in the recording and monitoring of elm trees on both public and private land. The Australian Elm Tree Project consolidates data on elm trees *Ulmus* spp. Elm tree location data is particularly useful, as it would facilitate a rapid response if there was ever an outbreak of Dutch elm disease.