Through a joint commitment to bat conservation in Connecticut and beyond, CT DEEP Wildlife Division and The White Memorial Foundation and Conservation Center (WMCC) have partnered to provide a new and exciting opportunity for all. Bats Count! begins with launching a live stream of big brown bats. Achieving the most accurate count requires that you start your count ½ hour before sunset for Litchfield, CT, USA (EST) and to have the Bat Emergence Count Datasheet open. Watch carefully because the bats will exit fast. It may be difficult but try not to count any individual twice! Some bats re-enter the roost, especially when there are pups inside, so do your best to not double count. Record the total number of bats counted on the datasheet. Please fill out the datasheet provided for each survey that you conduct. Remember that zeros are important to record. Bat colonies are very dynamic and activity patterns will change with temperature and other factors. In addition to counting bats, please fill out the entire datasheet so that your volunteer hours can be counted toward meeting additional grant opportunities.