Landsborough is the home of a historical roost site (pre-1965) of flying foxes species, the roost is made up of Black flying foxes (Pteropus alecto), Grey-headed flying foxes (Pteropus poliocephalus) and Little red flying fox (Pteropus scapulatus). Over time urbanisation has encroached this area and little is known about the adapting feeding habitats of the resident flying foxes in response to this development. With the help of citizen scientists, observational data will be collected between April 13th to 14th and this will be used to uncover interesting patterns associated with urban flying fox feeding habitats. It is an opportunity to head out at dusk with friends or family, listening for the distinct sound of the flying fox and when you spot one, record your location and if you wish to channel your inner botanist report the species of plant they are feeding from. Please do not use high powered spotlights, household torches can be used whilst avoiding shining light directly at their faces. If journeying outside of your backyard, stick to paths and do not attempt to walk into bushland looking for flying foxes, this is an observational study and we want to avoid disturbance as much as possible. Finally, the most important rule have fun!