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The ISeeChange project is a global community that documents local changes in environment, weather, and climate. Each post is synced with weather and climate data, which is broadcast to the community to investigate bigger picture climate trends. Community members use this information to track climate changes over time and how this impacts daily life. Document change in weather and climate in your community! Discover ISeeChange here: Join this event to learn from Claudia Sebastiani. Claudia is the Miami Community Manager at ISeeChange. Claudia is a sustainability consultant in South Florida, having previously worked in drafting environmental policy, advocacy, climate education, coalition building and community organizing. She serves as a steering committee member at the Miami Climate Alliance, Board member and Partnerships Committee Co-Chair at the Miami Forward Coalition and recently appointed Miami Ambassador for SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities at Social Impact Movement as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Claudia is passionate about nature, wildlife and loves kayaking on Biscayne Bay and Florida Springs.