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Become a Citizen Scientist! Caroline Nickerson, Program Manager, SciStarter Wednesdays, 10 am – noon March 17, April 14 Join other curious and concerned citizens in exploring a topic of interest while advancing scientific research. Organized by SciStarter, a non-profit organization that directs connections between thousands of scientists/project leaders and millions of potential citizen scientists, participants will join in collaboration with scientists on identified projects. Activities can include, depending on your selected project, collecting data by taking photos of clouds or streams, documenting changes in nature, using smartphone sensors to help scientists monitor water and air quality or playing games to help advance health and medical research – with many activities done from home. The two sessions include an introduction to citizen science, celebration of Citizen Science Month 2021 in April, selection of projects and follow-up to discuss experiences with the chosen projects. In the weeks the class doesn’t formally meet, participants will be involved with their selected project. For most, the citizen scientist will receive a project update from the relevant scientist/project leader.