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Join in the activities between April 1st and April 29th, with ecologist Dr. Molly Mehling, conservation biologist Tori Stone, Waldorf School of Pittsburgh faculty, and many more local experts as we celebrate “life” in the city and how art and science can collaborate with nature to make Pittsburgh more livable for all. Come to the grand opening and participate in art+science projects to learn about Pittsburgh’s topography, land use, plants, soil, and urban nature. Learn methods for monitoring the wildlife in your yard, park, or schoolyard developed through the BiodiverCITY project and by other Pittsburgh partners. Activities and programs include: Life Underfoot – Learn about the engineers underfoot and how you can help Pittsburgh build its soil sponge Layers of Life — Learn about what makes a plant community both fancy and functional. Join a regional data project to map the layers of green in your yard, school yard, or park. Salamanders in the City — Learn which salamanders live alongside us and join our salamander monitoring project Neighborhood Nestwatch — Learn about the National Aviary’s ongoing program that monitors backyard bird biodiversityLearn about resources you can use to identify local flora and fauna (that’s plants and animals!)Meet other local urban nature enthusiasts and initiatives Attend a film screening and reception for “Water Blues, Green Solutions” Prepare for spring with a make-your-own bug spray workshop Improve your watercolor skills using environmental data as inspiration