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With the participation of bird-friendly volunteers, we conduct observations of the bird species living in the area in order to promote the development of an ecological farming model that operates based on the role of birds in agriculture, and whose main goal is the implementation of nature-centered and regenerative farming. DO FOR THE BIRDS! DO FOR LIFE! To verify the effectiveness and effects of bird-friendly agricultural activity, we conducted a control group study with the participation of the residents of the settlement. Several bird-friendly garden owners responded to our call, and using the Merlin ID acoustic species identification program developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, they mapped the species richness of the birds visiting their homes. It is a special pleasure that, thanks to the citizen science program, we can get a glimpse of the nature conservation work of the local kindergarten. After all, we can only really do something for nature together! And the future is in the hands of the children!