FREE event for all ages! Join in the fun at this free family event and discover the life of Breakout Creek! The event basecamp will be at West Torrens Baseball Club on Lockleys Oval (not far from Adelaide Airport), June 18th 2016. Discover Breakout Creek with our experts. There will be organised walks and talks. You will be able to observe, record and learn about the local flora and fauna. Or you can just drop by, there will be wildlife on display and plenty to do. You might find a banjo frog, a congolli, a cormorant or a rainbow fish! The BioBlitz started in the morning through to the evening on Saturday 18th June with a series of activities for the public to survey the local biodiversity. These hands-on sessions teamed participants with expert presenters who ran local wildlife demonstrations with snakes, spiders and a bettong, conducted water-bug sampling from the wetland, created nature-art, and surveyed local birds and fungi. Surveys were conducted for: Frogs – looking for them and listening for their calls Birds – in the evening and the morning Mammals – tracks and traces during the day, and spotlighting at night Bats – recording their echolocation with an AnaBat device Spiders – searching amongst the leaf litter Native plants – mapping their locations Weeds – spotting the nasties! Fungi – finding wild fungi Fish – trapping and netting in the wetland