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Fairmont State University Campus & Community STEM Bridge Map-a-Thon When: August 17th, 9:30am - 11:45 am Where: For Fairmont State University students, staff, & faculty meet at Fairmont State University COLA Lab (308 Hardway Hall) For Community: Wherever YOU are Why: Join the First2 Network and STEM Bridge program at Fairmont State University as we build geo-literacy through citsci and the #Year of CitSci Calendar Use the Geoawareness Hub to get started Shareable URL: FAIRMONTSTATE.EDU/geo-awareness-week How: Pick the one that works best for you -Kickstart your knowledge by getting your SciStarter Citizen Science Badge (about 1 hour) -Complete a citizen science activity (20 minutes - whenever you like) anywhere on campus Hangout in the Citizen Science GeoCafe (COLA Student Lounge) -Create a #Year of Citizen Science calendar page for COLA social media -Print out #Year of Citizen Science calendar and put it on the wall for future events -Brainstorm a rating system for Fairmont State University Citizen Science Projects