Genista monspessulana Cape broom, Montpellier broom Cape broom is a [Weed of National Significance]( that commonly infests grazing lands, sclerophyll forests and woodlands. Dense infestations of Cape broom compete with native vegetation, impact forestry and obstruct infrastructure. One biocontrol agent has been released to control Cape broom: [1. Cape broom psyllid *Arytinnis hakani](* This biocontrol agent is expected to reduce the growth and spread of Cape broom by reducing plant vigour and seed production. Field releases have resulted in the widespread establishment of Cape broom psyllid, with recent releases targeting areas where the psyllid is not yet present. In high populations the psyllid has been reported to kill Cape broom. Check the Blog for regular updates on field days, workshops, and research. ![Cape broom infestation]( "Cape Broom Mt Pleasant Rd Kingston Dec 2010.jpg") Cape broom infestation, Photo by W. Chatterton (TIA)