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Learn all about the Caterpillars Count! project (, including: * it's motivation and rationale; * how to set up a site and choose survey branches; * how to use the mobile app and conduct arthropod surveys; * how to use the data visualization and other resources on the website Your observations help us track how the abundance of caterpillars and other insects varies over the seasons. The seasonal timing of caterpillar availability is especially important for birds which try to time their spring migration so that there will be lots of insect food around (caterpillars are an especially tasty treat!) to successfully raise their young. Starting up a new Caterpillars Count! site is a great option for environmental educators or teachers, or for dedicated individuals who are interested in carrying out many surveys in their backyard or local habitat patch. Join us for one of 3 identical sessions! Session 1: Apr 3, 12-1:30p ET Session 2: Apr 12, 1:30-3p ET Session 3: Apr 25, 3-43:30p ET