Join NGCP as we prepare to celebrate Coastal Clean-Up Day via this webinar held on September 7, 2021. Coastal Clean-Up month occurs during September 2021, with Coastal Clean-Up Day on September 18th. Ocean Conservancy logo In this webinar, we'll hear from speakers from the Aluet Community of St. Paul in Alaska and members of the team to learn about ways to tackle environmental action and coastal clean-up at a local, community-based and a nationwide/worldwide level. Speakers will share strategies, reflections, and resources for supporting youth to act as citizen scientists and environmental advocates in their communities. Trash in oceans has serious consequences for all living things on Earth ( Spending time cleaning up coasts and oceans can make a big difference in the health of our planet. During Coastal Clean-Up month, people are challenged to not only clean up their local coastlines, but also to document the trash using the Marine Debris Tracker app. The Marine Debris Tracker (also known as Debris Tracker) project helps people of all ages from all around the world collect observations about where litter appears – not just near water — to create a data-driven understanding about hotspots and patterns of pollution. This data contributes to maps used by researchers globally to understand this issue. Get started by downloading the Debris Tracker app and recording what you see: Coastal Clean-Up Month can be celebrated from anywhere, whether you live on the coast or in a land-locked location. Join us to learn how!