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Do you like observing nature? Then make your observations count! April 26th through April 29th, the Greater Phoenix Area will participate in the 2024 City Nature Challenge. This is a global effort to observe and document as much urban biodiversity as possible, using iNaturalist. Learn how to use the FREE iNaturalist app at this all-ages training. During the training, attendees will go outside and participate in a bioblitz for a fun- hands-on experience documenting some biodiversity in Chandler! No experience necessary. Optional Prep work: Create a SciStarter account first. Download the INaturalist app and create an INaturalist account using the same email address. Then add your INaturalist username to your SciStarter account in “Info & Settings” where noted. Then, your participation in INaturalist projects and events, including the Phoenix Area City Nature Challenge, will count towards SciStarter’s collective goal of One Million Acts of Science this April!