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3 collaborating libraries - University Library of Southern Denmark, University College Lillebælt’s Library, and Odense Libraries and Citizen Centers – will make “International Citizen Science Month” a united focal point through supporting and working for the dissemination and awareness of the Citizen Science concept in general, but also specifically to convey the Citizen Science project: Globe at Night. Project goals and expected gains: • Advocating Citizen Science as a general idea and concept. • Recording whether or not promotion of Citizen Science projects works – hence the promotion of the specific project “Globe at Night” to gain measurable data . • Anchoring collaboration with other libraries and cultural and civic centers. Achieving knowledge: • Knowledge of Citizen Science as an idea and concept. • Knowledge of how one as a citizen can contribute to, influence, suggest and benefit scientific projects. • Knowledge and understanding of the role and connection of libraries and educational institutions with the rest of society. Gaining skills: • Securing practical and communicative skills of the participating libraries to become practiced Citizen Science activist, with the goal of developing a scientific or citizen-involved product. Achieving expertise: • For each library to become involved in citizen-involvement contexts, be it gain competences in dissemination or to learn reflective approaches to research and science, as well as entering into debate on community-related Citizen Science projects.