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We live in unsettling times. COVID-19 unleashed a global health crisis – a pandemic that has taken the lives of many and will continue to have a lasting impact around the world. During this time, the scientific community has made incredible advances in trying to understand and control the virus. Research has been undertaken at an unprecedented pace. This has unleashed an infodemic – a rapid spread of both accurate and inaccurate information. To benefit from genuine scientific advances, we need to be able to identify the accurate from the inaccurate. Part 1 of the webinar: background and scene-setting (20 mins) The session will begin with a presentation introducing Cochrane and the role of evidence-based medicine. We will describe the current infodemic and the challenges this has created in ensuring accurate information is available and understood. We will present examples of fake news within the COVID-19 context and run some participant polls to gauge reactions to some recent health claims related to COVID-19. Part 2 of the webinar: the tools and tasks available (30 mins) In the second half of the webinar, we’ll introduce some of the learning materials and citizen science tasks aimed at improving research literacy and identifying COVID-19 research. We will introduce Cochrane’s Evidence Essentials modules, Cochrane’s new Introduction to Study Designs modules, and Cochrane’s citizen science task: COVID Quest. Part 3 of the webinar: Q&A (10 mins)