This workshop is only for zoo volunteers and Verizon citizen scientists. Not part of these programs but still want to do citizen science at the zoo? Check the SciStarter map for upcoming citizen science events! Learn how to use iNaturalist to participate in the 2020 City Nature Challenge! Woodland Park Zoo staff will lead you through an introduction to the online biodiversity observation tool, iNaturalist. Out on zoo grounds, you will practice making and documenting observations of the many wild birds, bugs and plants that call the zoo grounds home. You can then use your new skills to participate in the global City Nature Challenge (April 24-26, 2020). Learn how to take better photos of plants and animals, such that others can help you to identify them. By participating in the training and in City Nature Challenge, you will help to document species at the zoo and in your neighborhood. You will also learn how to help your family, friends and others in your community participate in City Nature Challenge—let’s all see how much nature we can observe in the greater Seattle area in one weekend!
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