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Join the National Citizen and Community Science Library Network team to learn about the benefits and opportunities of becoming a community hub for citizen science. This webinar is designed for libraries new to citizen science and SciStarter. Citizen science pairs people from all walks of life with scientists to collect or analyze data to help accelerate scientific research and answer questions scientists cannot answer alone. From simply sharing photos of nature to analyzing cancer cell images online, the public is getting involved in almost all steps of the scientific process while proving to be invaluable across all fields of science. Citizen science not only accelerates research but can lead to a more informed and civically engaged public. SciStarter, an online hub for citizen science, Arizona State University, and The National Girls Collaborative Project are collaborating to develop training, resources, and support for libraries interested in engaging their users in citizen science. Join us to learn more about how libraries are utilizing the resources to increase awareness and participation in citizen science. The resources are free, turnkey, and adaptable for all library audiences, from children to seniors.