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Join this online Zoom event for an introduction to citizen science, to build an inventory of water infrastructure in your community, and to participate in the Crowd the Tap project live in partnership with SciStarter and the Kenosha Public Library. For the first half of the event, SciStarter's senior director Caroline Nickerson will provide an introduction to the important research outcomes of the Crowd the Tap project. Then, for the second half of this one-hour event, you'll actually use the Crowd the Tap kit to test pipes and drinking water quality. Trained facilitators in Zoom breakout rooms will help you submit data to Crowd the Tap during this event. Before the event, look over instructions for Crowd the Tap ( and make sure the Zoom app is downloaded onto your smartphone, because you might be moving around while you participate in the project ( See you there! Let's make a difference with citizen science.