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The Stall Catchers Megathon is an event where people meet up in libraries to participate in an online project to help accelerate research on Alzheimer's disease. Researchers want to know if stalled blood flow affects the onset or progression of Alzheimer's. To study this, citizen scientists like you view short video clips showing blood moving through the vessels in the brains of mice. Each time they see a stall in a vessel, they click on that area of the screen. The goal is to classify 100,000 videos and complete an entire year's worth of analysis in ONE day, on Saturday, April 13! Join the West Slope Community Library team to catch stalls and watch the live stream of other participating teams around the world. Attend a practice session in the library on Monday, April 8 or Thursday, April 11 for help signing up and getting started catching stalls. Bring your own device (preferably a laptop but tablet works too), use a library computer, or check out one of our Chromebooks for in-library use only. Questions? Ask Librarian Thea at