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Are we alone? SEARCHING FOR LIFE BY VARIOUS CITIZEN SCIENCE PROJECTS. 🌠Join our cosmic journey: The citizen science program is now open for registration! Let's dive into the world of space exploration together, engage in many citizen science projects and the investigation to find extraterrestrial life, and let's unlock the unrevealed portions of the universe together! Event details: On this event we will discuss about extraterrestrial life, galaxies, NEO'S, and various citizen science projects like- Asteroid Search Campaigns by IASC, and many more projects from Zooniverse. ABOUT THE EVENT: The beauty of the cosmos has always attracted the humans towards them. The curious minds of humans always wanted to explore the cosmos. The question arose when the famous physicist Sir Enrico Fermi asked the question “where is everybody?” while having a casual chat with his buddies. From then humans have joined the main stream of workflow for searching for extraterrestrial life. On 17th March, 2024 we will be gathering on an online platform and discuss various citizen science projects and the way to find extraterrestrial life using them. Students from all over the world from ages 9 years and above can join. I request all of you to join us and embark on a cosmic journey with us. Collaboration: SA CITIZEN SCIENCE GROUP TALISHA SPACE RESEARCH ORGANIZATION Calling all space enthusiast students to join us. Date: 17th March, Sunday, 2024 Time: 5.00pm to 5.30 pm Join our WhatsApp group so that you can get the link for the joining the webinar. note: this requires a laptop or desktop for the required software. 🧑🏻‍🎓Who can participate: Students of age 9 years and above can participate from all over the World. 🏅Certificates Exclusive certificates will be given to the participants.