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Participants in this virtual workshop will be guided to participate in hands-on activities, designed for their students in grades 4 and up, as they, too, learn about how to become a connected citizen scientist. Teachers and students will learn how to navigate patterns and forecast trends through the use of real-time data being delivered from MMS spacecraft. They will then use their predictions to develop creative digital age products that evidence their learning and connect them to the larger body of science and students across the globe. As a bonus, a second challenge will be provided that will make use of the upcoming August 21st solar eclipse as a means for students to gather and collect data on their own to share across the same vast and connected community. After all, connecting our students to the larger audience is a key element to the Global Collaborator Student Standard. Activities will also ask students to develop the skills associated with becoming Creative Communicators, as well. We hope you can join us in your quest to connect your learners to the world of Big Data!