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With Kelsey Cowles, MLIS (Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh) What do air quality, Alzheimer’s disease, gun violence, the 19th century fur trade, and bird migration have in common? They’re all topics that citizen scientists are studying! Growing from centuries-deep roots, today’s thriving citizen science movement has evolved as a mutually beneficial solution to both researchers’ needs for greater data collection and analysis capacity and communities’ desire to be empowered as active participants in research that affects them. Millions of regular people have made invaluable contributions to scientific research around the world by participating in citizen science projects. Whether you are old or young, prefer being out in the woods or at home in front of your fireplace, have 5 minutes or 5 hours, have a background in science or none at all, there is a citizen science project perfect for you! Citizen science participation can also be an excellent classroom tool for learners of all ages. This talk will introduce you to citizen science and its tenets, expose you to a wide variety of exciting projects, and give you the tools you need to discover other opportunities of interest to you.