It might be April 1st but there are no fools here! We are kicking off 2023's international Citizen Science Month with a global Twitter conference starting in your local time zone at 12:01 PM on the 1st of April 2023. We want to hear about your citizen science project or, if you are a citizen scientist, what you love about citizen science in three tweets - that's 840 characters! Our aim is for a wave of citizen science tweets to take over Twitter just after midday in every timezone all over the world. Think of it - 24 hours of non-stop citizen science tweets! How cool is that? How to take part: 1. Sign up (see the How To Register section below) 2. Give us your details including which Twitter handle you will be using, your name, your timezone, your country, any hashtags, etc, and a rough abstract of your 3 tweets. Imagine this was a poster at a conference. What do you want to tell your audience about the project? Outcomes? Challenges? We suggest you set the scene and the issue with your 1st tweet, talk about the problem or data in your second tweet, and then tell us the outcome in the third tweet. Don't forget pictures/videos/links/hashtags etc. 3. Get those tweets ready, make sure you include the hashtags #CitSciTC and #CitSciMonth and schedule them out. (Never scheduled a tweet? Here's how: 4. Sit down at your designated time and watch your tweets roll out. Make sure to respond to them using the #CitSciTC and #CitSciMonth hashtags so we can keep the global citizen science conversation going...
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