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Spend your Saturday morning with National Geographic’s “Weird But True!” and PBS's “SciGirls,” hosted by TIME for Kids Kid Reporters who will moderate the live event, interview celebrities and make sure YOUR questions get answered! RSVP on Zoom: Through simple, fun activities, learn about ways that regular people (including kids) all over the world are helping scientists answer questions they can’t answer alone. Join the viewing party, interact in the live Q&A with the stars and do activities to practice being citizen scientists with iNaturalist and SEEK. Don't miss it! Parents and caregivers, we invite you to prepare for this event by creating a free SciStarter account: This Citizen Science Month event is presented by SciStarter with support from the National Library of Medicine in collaboration with Arizona State University. Schedule 10:00 AM ET - Kick Off 10:05 AM ET - Group Activity 10:15 AM ET - Disney+'s National Geographic’s of “Weird But True!” & Q&A with the stars 10:45 AM ET - SEEK and iNaturalist 10:55 AM ET- PBS's SciGirls & Q&A 11:25 AM ET - It's a Wrap on CitSci Kids' Day