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Part of the Citizen Science Association Conference, March 13-17, 2019. 3:15 -4.45p.m. RCC 301B, CitSci+SciComm: Brainstorming new collaborations, with Jean Goodwin, John Besley, James Wynn, Liz Neeley, Julia Parrish, Victoria Martin, Darlene Cavalier; The goal of this Symposium is to bring together scholars and practitioners in the fields of Communication and Citizen Science, in order to identify shared research interests, foster collaborations, and pursue funding to continue the work. What conceptual frameworks and broader sociocultural perspectives can research in the Communication field provide that would support citizen science projects? How can citizen science projects be leveraged as platforms for communication research, testbeds for applying communication theories, or windows into social practices of expertise construction? After brief provocations from scholars in the two fields, all Symposium participants will be invited to contribute their own views.