Start spreading the news! New York City needs YOU to help find all of the creatures that call our city home. In both the paved and green spaces of our city, many species survive and thrive. Will you join us in this citizen science quest to catalog our city’s great biodiversity? From April 30th to May 3rd, we’re asking all New Yorkers - residents, visitors, commuters, students, teachers, pedestrians, park lovers, parents, children, EVERYONE - to become community scientists and help us make as many iNaturalist observations as we can. Let’s show off our biodiversity! How can you get started? It’s easy! Download the iNaturalist app to your mobile device. During the time from April 30 - May 3, use the app to upload photos of organisms to the iNaturalist and the iNaturalist community will help you identify them. It’s as simple as that! Join the project on iNaturalist to get updates: The City Nature Challenge is organized by Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and California Academy of Sciences.