star We did it! on April 24 star
Cape Town will be participating in the City Nature Challenge from 24 – 27 April 2020. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Simply download the iNaturalist app and sign up to iNaturalist and get practicing for the big event. Over 250 cities around the world will be calling on their citizen scientists to bioblitz their biodiversity. Any wild animal, plant or fungus is game. Cape Town boasts of being one of the most biodiverse cities on Earth. We proved it in 2019. Let us prove it again and make sure that Cape Town stays on top of both the Biodiversity and Citizen Science maps. We need observations, we need species and we need observers - you. Please sign up, join this project and watch the press and your society newsletters for details in your area. Tip for SciStarter users: if you add your iNaturalist username to info & settings in your dashboard, you can track the frequency and number of your iNaturalist contributions with your SciStarter account!